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It’s time for finals!

CFinal competition: "Hospitality and catering" and "Green Jobs" categoryy

The last few days of the Skills Plus final competitions were challenging but exciting!

Do you remember where we were?
Our students of the project ALL INCLUDED of Palermo and San Cataldo, in recent months, had challenged each other in the categories"Green jobs"” e “Hospitality and cateringat the end of which were decreed the two winning teams that would compete for the final competitions in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, it was not possible to play in the competitions in the present, but fortunately, technology came to our aid and it was possible to compete with each one from their own country!

On the last day of June, Antonio, Giuseppe e Giacomothe Italian team in the "Hospitality and catering" category, competed and demonstrated how to create a caeser salad with few ingredients and in a creative way!
The competition was held at theIPAB Testasecca di Caltanissetta and led by their coach, chef Giuseppe Pinzinothe students juggled the stove to create the most creative and tasty version of this international dish.

The next day, at the vivaio Ibervillea in Palermo, the team of the "Green Jobs" category composed of Vicenzo, Antonino ed Emanuele has created a flowerbed with plants, flowers, grass and bricks to create a small walkable path. The students were very focused on completing the goal together with the supervision of their coach, the teacher Francesco Cardinaleand completely independently carried out their task with an advantage of twenty minutes over the expected time.

Both days ended with grande entusiasmo great enthusiasm satisfaction because these were only the tip of the iceberg of all the commitment, the will to make it and learn, that our students have placed in the project All Included over the months.

It will be necessary to wait until July 8 to know the verdict of the jury that, in connection
from Holland and after having seen the work carried out during these days,
will decide the winners of this edition of the Skills Plus competitions.

Fingers crossed for our boys and... GO ITALY!

Clicca qui per scoprire cosa è successo durante la competizione finale della categoria “Hospitality and Catering”
Clicca qui per scoprire cosa è successo durante la competizione finale della categoria “Green Jobs”