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Work is a social good, with a deep ethical value: it must be practiced with responsibility, honesty, respect for rules and for resources.
Since 1979, Cirpe has been designing and providing training services, , vocational guidance and and business consultancy. Today it is significantly present in the territory with 10 training centres,counting over 300 people including workers and external collaborators..
Our main purpose is the promotion of work for the social, economic and professional development of people. We are always committed to create relationship networks with companies, trade associations, institutions, employment agencies and other training institutions.

The quality of the service provided is an essential factor to stand out as a major interlocutor in the reference panorama, for this reason we train and evaluate all the personnel who work and collaborate with us, so as to be able to provide a service that is in line with the customer’s needs.

As our motto says: Your trust is our success!
Your trust is our success!!

“Cirpe Diventa” comes from the need to find people that:
- Wish to enter into a dynamic reality;
- Think, plan and share with their team the path to accomplish the result;
- Enhance the innovation and the growth opportunities for themselves and the centre


Are you interested in teaching?

We are looking for teacherss, who have the teaching qualification or the degree or an old system / master / specialist degree diploma, who want to transmit to young people the skills acquired during their professional career, in a perspective of growth of the individual. In the specific for the following subjects:

  • Italian language and History
    (contest class A12)

  • English language
    (contest class A24)

  • Mathematics and Physics
    (contest class

  • Physical education
    (contest class A48)

  • legal and Economic Sciences
    (contest class A46)

  • Biological Sciences
    (contest class A50)

  • Chemistry and Food Science
    (contest class
    (contest class A31/A50)

    (contest class A54)


Are you interested in teaching?

We are looking for formatoriwho have the degree or professional qualification consistent with leFP path or the degree of secondary school of first degree accompanied by a work experience at least five years in the air of competence who want to transmit to young people the skills acquired during their professional career. In the specific, we are looking for the following professional figures:

  • Electrical technologies educator

  • Agronomist educator

  • Catering educator

  • Electronics educator

  • Agrofood educator (pastry – pizzeria – bakery)

  • Hairstyle educator

  • Cosmetic educator

  • Tailoring educator

  • Computer and graphic educator

  • Logistics and stock management educator

  • Carpentry and wood-working educator

  • Hydraulics educator


Are you interested in training courses?

The, vocational guidance is a complex process that is at least three fundamental factors : focusing on your personal aptitudes, supporting personal motivation and exploring and evaluating the labour market and the likelihood of success.
The “Orientation training” service proposed by Cirpe will help you identify a path aimed at building your professional goal and the relevant training necessary to achieve it.

  • Provision of guidance services for training

  • Balance of skills

  • Analysis of ambitions

  • Strategic growth planning


Are you interested in stage?

Join Cirpe through the program“Cirpe Diventa”which focuses on your talents as a senior – year student and new graduate with the aim of experimenting with them in our centre.

  • Welcome, orientation and, accompaniment area

  • Planning area

  • Communication area

  • Adult tutoring/ Enterprises and services at work

  • Youth tutoring area

  • “Learning to be educators” training area

  • Human resources area

  • Administration and reporting area

We offer you:
1) Curricular/ extra – curricular internship paths in mentoring.
2) The opportunity to divide the internship into different functional areasareas, all consistent with your degree course or interest (i.e. three months in the Human Resources area and three months in the Administration one).


Are you interest in active labour market policies (ALMP)?

We are looking for operators in the labour market, who have a degree in Psychology, Education, Formation/Training, Political Science, Law, Economics, and with an experience in the field of reference of at least 1 year..

  • Provision of guidance services for training and work experience support

  • Balance of skills

  • Definition of PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

  • Strategic growth planning